Operating in the flooring sector we commonly have customers calling us since they want strong oak flooring. More often than not we end up suggesting they decrease the engineered course and after that being asked the very same thing, ‘why select a crafted timber flooring over a solid oak floor as well as does it truly feel as well as look as beautiful?’ We are writing this article to briefly overview the primary advantages of our crafted timber floor covering and also why now numerous individuals are choosing the crafted over the traditional solid oak flooring.

Throughout this write-up, I will certainly write in a recommendation to a high-quality engineered oak floor covering with numerous layers of ply timber under core and also a thick, durable wear layer. I can not talk in support of all engineered wood floors as they vary massively in quality and cost. In all instances, you need to check thoroughly the specifications of the item on offer.

So allow’s begin this post by talking about the number 1 reason our engineered oak floors have the upper hand over strong oak floorings, this being its security. A quality crafted board will be composed of around 10 layers of multi-laminated flooring birch ply timber. These layers are stuck in contrary directions with moisture immune adhesive and also this gives the floor an immense amount of stability. We have been asked before by consumers that have researched the market just how solid the adhesive is as they have become aware of tales of engineered wood floor covering de-laminating. However, if you go for top-quality engineered wood flooring you can also go as far as to boil a piece of our floor for thirty minutes as well as the board still will certainly not de-laminate.

The 15mm plywood under the core is what gives the floor covering the stamina and security it has. Oak is a natural item and also when utilized for floor covering the board widths can change in dimension. This can trigger voids between boards or the flooring to distort as well as this activity is most commonly brought on by the transforming of moisture in the environment. As a result of the stability of a top-quality engineered oak floor, it is far much less vulnerable to this activity.

This stability is additionally becoming of greater relevance today because of the reality that an increasing number of buildings are having under-floor heaters mounted, which of course causes a constant adjustment in moisture. Having stated this I would certainly once more like to state that I am writing in regards to a top-quality, greater specification crafted oak flooring, and I can not chat for all engineered timber floors.

Allow’s move on to one more reason that crafted timber floor covering is currently classified as an exceptional product to a strong oak flooring. The primary reason people will choose an oak floor is that they enjoy the timeless natural charm that European oak needs to provide. What many individuals are not aware of is the truth that the top layer of a great crafted oak floor covering is the same quality European oak as you would certainly locate in solid oak flooring.

This means that when it has been laid it looks and feels all the same and increasingly more customers are stating they choose the look of the longer and wider boards that several engineered wood floorings provide. So, a top-quality oak engineered floor covering will look the very same but will it in fact last as long?. How much time a flooring will certainly last is primarily to something called its ‘put on layer’.

The part of the flooring that is classed as the wear layer is from the surface of the board to the tongue as well as on a strong oak board this would be around 5-6mm. Currently, the wear layer on crafted timber flooring is the leading layer of oak. So if you buy a crafted oak floor covering which has a 5-6mm solid oak leading layer it will certainly lead to the floor covering lasting equally as long. To conclude if you want an engineered flooring that is going to last as long as a typical solid oak flooring then sees to it has a great thick top layer of wood, ideally 5mm+.

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